Our study is called ‘The Alcohol and PTSD Treatment Study,’ or the ‘APT Study.’ The APT study is for people who are currently having some problems with alcohol and who are experiencing distress related to a past traumatic event. The study is looking at two different types of behavioral therapy. In this study, we’ll be comparing these two treatments to the effects of monitoring your symptoms.

I’m interested, what do I do?

Call Sruti Desai, Research Coordinator at the University of Washington to find out if you are eligible 206-543­-0584 or email us at aptstudy@uw.edu.

Am I eligible for the study?

Please give us a call to find out! Call 206-543-0584 if you’re interested in participating. We can ask you a few questions to see if the study would be a good fit for you

You may be eligible to participate in the APT study if:

  • You are age 18 or over
  • You have experienced a traumatic event
  • You have symptoms like
    • nightmares
    • feeling jumpy
    • feeling like you can’t stop thinking about the event
    • you try to avoid reminders of the event
    • you feel emotionally numb

- and -

  • you have questions or worries about your drinking
  • you are thinking about making a change in your drinking

If I participated in APT, what would I do?

  • Participate in face-to-face psychotherapy. This will involve biweekly or weekly sessions
  • Be randomly assigned to alcohol-focused or a trauma-focused therapy OR to weekly phone check-ins*
  • Complete questionnaires and tell our staff how things are going while you are receiving treatment and in our study

*Those who receive weekly phone check-ins will be offered therapy at a later point.

What will I get if I participate?

You will receive free treatment to help with the difficulties you've been having.  These are therapies that have been found to be effective for problems that can result from experiencing a traumatic event.  Aside from free treatment, you could also earn up to $463 for completing all study activities over the course of 6 months.