Some people might want to cut down on their drinking to improve their health or to improve relationships with loved ones. Other people might want to stop using alcohol altogether. Whether the problem seems severe or only mild, many people can benefit from treatment. If you are eligible for the APT study, we will give you free therapy with top notch experts!

Some signs that you may want to cut back or quit drinking include:

  • Neglecting responsibilities at home, work or school
  • Getting into risky situations while drinking
  • Legal problems
  • Arguing with friends and family
  • Friends or family members worry about your drinking
  • Craving
  • Not being able to stop once you start with your first drink
  • Nausea, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety when you go drinking
  • Needing to drink more alcohol to get the same effects as before
  • Spending too much time drinking and recovering from alcohol

If some of these signs sound familiar, please call us today to schedule your screening. We have amazing tools to help you get your drinking under control.